The title track to Valley Queen‘s Supergiant, recently released on Roll Call Records, features a line that goes “And all your angels/ They return,” which is emblematic of everything which went into the album. As the band got bigger and gained acclaim, frontwoman Natalie Carol was left as the only member of the band after guitarist Shawn Morones and drummer Gerry Doot left due to stress and burnout. Touring with session musicians, Carol gained a record deal, but the passion wasn’t there. While Doot didn’t return because of a wife and new baby, Morones did, and the lyrical content of Supergiant reflects the collective nature of Valley Queen. The video ties into that, as well, with Carol looking happiest in the back of a car with her bandmates. She has to stand in front of it to stop it, so that they’ll let her in, with a determined look upon her face. Once in, though, the four members look like they’re the happiest they could ever be. It’s a potent introduction to a reborn band, and bodes well for things to come.