As The Wrong Brothers say on their Facebook, they play loud music that won’t call you the next day.

Whatever’s so wrong about The Wrong Brothers sounds pretty right to me. They’re a trippy-sounding band out of London, Ontario, able to both groove and bring out the hard/stoner rock at the same time. They’ve got one of my favourite band setups to boot: just guitar, vocals, and drums. That’s really all you need, isn’t it? Why have a twelve-piece band when you could have two?

It’s a chill sound, but with bite. The Wrong Brothers have clear classic rock influences, but like all the best modern rock acts, they don’t let those influences define them. There’s plenty of freshness in The Wrong Brothers to help them stand out.

The band just released four songs in a collection called Strange Machines. At times you have The Wrong Brothers’ style of psychedelia; on other tracks you hear a funk, almost-disco groove. The guitar work is very cool, and the drums tap along and crash-bang like crazy to fill out the sound. There are also songs that feature a bass, which adds a little something spicy to the already funky dish you’re being served.



The video for “Foam” is a bearded, sunglass-wearing, bloody ramen, (or spaghetti) strobe-light extravaganza. Watch as a guy covers himself in noodles, set against a white sheet. Let’s salute this nameless noodle warrior, because without him we wouldn’t have this great video.

The song itself is full of fuzz and beastly rock and/or roll. The video definitely succeeds in ruining any craving you might have for noodles tonight, but at least it will satisfy your desire for some real fresh tunes. Who knows, those raspy vocals and crunchy guitar might just satisfy your big old soul.