The Slovaks are a three-person band from the U.K. who play fast-paced, straightforward, unbridled rock ‘n’ roll. With a crunchy guitar sound and slamming cymbals, and a little bit of sixties-style backing vocals, the band has put forward a big release with their new album, Get Down. This music sounds like The Hives at times, maybe mixed with a little Julian Casablancas. The guitar tones: fuzzy, crunchy, popping, and rough. Could be words to describe cereal, could be words to describe The Slovaks.

Sometimes the sound can be trippy, too, like in “Remove Myself.” Sometimes, it’s a downright vicious sound, other times more soft and melodic.

Also, it deserves to be mentioned, the band has some pretty great taste in t-shirts. Apocalypse Now, Seinfeld, Beastie Boys, HBO, these are just some of the things you can find on The Slovaks’ t-shirts. I don’t often comment on a band’s t-shirt game, (in fact, I never have) so you’ll know I’m speaking from the heart here. I don’t know if there’s a scientific correlation between great t-shirt taste and great music, but if there is, The Slovaks might be the proof.


You might not expect meditation to be the subject of a garage rock/punk song, but here we are, and it works really well. With a slow-moving camera and a soft focus, this video is equal parts Zen and garage party: sometimes black and white, sometimes strobe light.

You can get an excellent sense of The Slovaks’ sound from this song. Down and dirty guitar parts, the sixties backing vocals, steady and cymbal garage drums, and short, simple (but blasting) guitar runs.

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