You don’t get to hear very many instrumental-heavy stoner rock acts that can keep your attention through a whole album. With that introduction in mind, let me introduce The Re-Stoned, my second Russian pick in a row for those counting (I don’t think anyone’s counting).

If you love Sabbath, you’re probably going to like The Re-Stoned. The sludgy, catchy riffs are there. The psychedelic vibes, some real heavy wah. This band will probably mostly appeal to guitar aficionados, due to the carefully crafted riffs, the extended solos, and the general long expanses of rock wilderness, where your only guide is that heavy, crunchy guitar winding its way through the long song runtimes, but never failing to play something interesting or just plain rocking.

There’s also the psychedelic/stoner side to the music. I’m no psychic, but I imagine the band’s name is some kind of reference to this. Wink, wink.

Keep in mind that the music of The Re-Stoned does not seem to be intended for those with short attention spans. The shortest song on the Plasma album is four minutes and eleven seconds, and some of The Re-Stoned’s best songs clock in at around ten or eleven minutes. For me, this is great, just more to listen to, but be warned.


Flying Clouds

Like the music, The Re-Stoned’s music video for “Flying Clouds” is a trippy and pensive affair. Because so much of the band’s catalogue is instrumental only, it invites you to really focus on the riffs and melodies. In a visual way, the video for Flying Clouds does the same thing. For a band as heavy as The Re-Stoned, their songs leave a lot of time for reflection.

This is rich music, something you can really dive headfirst into. Like a lot of great bands, their classic rock and metal influences are worn on their sleeve, yet The Re-Stoned doesn’t seem trapped by those influences. Their sound is familiar and new all at once. Plus, it’s heavy and trippy and fun as hell.