For my first blog post, I wanted to showcase the band The Modern Life. The band’s sound has a modern feel, which makes their name seem spot on. The instrumentals in the songs have an up-tempo jazz fusion style, which I find easy to listen along to, but also throws in some funky riffing with the guitar, and harmonies from the vocals, that add some flavour from the classic rock era. I like to hear that mix of old and new sounds in a rock band, because it’s important to keep moving forward with the genre, but still hold on to its roots, I think.

Jungle Fever

I wanted to show off “Jungle Fever” for this post since it resonated with me the most. Also the band just released a new album Silence is Progress, which came out April 20th, so not too long ago at all.

“Jungle Fever” is my favourite song of theirs, but I think if you dig the song, you’ll get into the album. What most impressed me, from the start of the song, was the clean and precise guitar playing. Parts of the riffs do sound elaborate, but still hold on to a memorable melody. I’m always impressed when musicians have strong dexterity and great technique, but also don’t lose themselves in their own virtuosity, (even though it is tempting to use a pinch harmonic on guitar every chance possible after learning how to do it) which shows in this song especially.

All in all, The Modern Life is a seriously skilled group of musicians. Their high-paced, electricity-filled music serves up a hot plate of tight rhythms and rock-solid jams. This promising new album shines a bright light on the band’s future, and I’d imagine a tour is in the works.