The first time I ever heard of The Beaches was when The Elementals opened for them one show I happened to be at. I had only planned to stay for The Elementals, but The Beaches were so good and charismatic that sticking around for the whole show became an easy choice. It’s been a few years since then, and The Beaches have only improved. They’re making the same feisty music.

Also, the band has great fashion sense.

Picking a video to feature from The Beaches was a tough choice. Eventually, I settled on the one for “Late Show” because it was the song I liked most, but you should definitely check out the video for “Gold” as well. The idea for that video is that the band gets tired of looking for guys on dating apps, so they decide to summon a rock boyfriend from the netherworld. The only problem is that the hunky rock and roller they actually summon doesn’t really seem to be all there. It’s so great.

There’s a lot of music to recommend from The Beaches and so little time. It’s deeply worth checking out the song “T-Shirt,” (either versions, the acoustic one is fun too) from the band’s Late Show album:

You Wanna Go to the Late Show?

The video for “Late Show” is essentially a hangout, party video. It’s smooth watching, something to get you in the mood for going out to, well, the late show. Big drums, big guitar, big energy. “We could go to a party, or eat smarties.” This song just has a lot of energy and fun. It’s great. And so are The Beaches.