When most talk about needing a breath of fresh air when it comes to music, many may not understand that Raye Zaragoza should be the name mentioned. As a Folk singer-songwriter, Zaragoza is stepping up to the plate and offering a glimpse of our future. In “American Dream”, Zaragoza’s music video and single depicts lyrically how the news has overrun our lives, left us listless and depressed (even disgusted), but most of all we should be questioning how we can better change the world, by changing our own intentions.

While offering conviction and sincerity for the rest of humanity, “American Dream” throws back the curtain and addresses everything we are feeling as a unified nation when it comes to turning on the news every day. Actually, it’s to the point no one wants to read about any latest trending topics because a new flash could appear at any moment. However, Zaragoza offers a hand-held walk through the thick of insanity to build a bridge towards a mutual understanding. We are the generation that has to change something, or at least try.

Not to jump ahead too soon, but could Zaragoza be our new revolutionary voice towards a “peace movement?” Only time can tell, but honestly, Raye Zaragoza is exactly the individual we need right now. Is there another political music resurrection on the horizon?