What first really attracted me to RawDog’s music was the song “No Doubt.” So, first of all, you’ve got to go listen to this song while you’re reading this. I don’t mind if it becomes hard to focus on the review. The music’s what really matters anyway, right?

RawDog’s sound is an engaging mix of rock, grunge, and garage sensibilities. RawDog has a White Stripes-esque setup, just a two-piece band with a female drummer and male guitarist. Some of the guitar sounds even share a White Stripes recipe, although I find the lyrical melodies feel the grunge influence more than the garage influence.

Both members share vocal duties, creating haunting harmonies that, along with heavy guitar, make this pretty perfect Halloween music. It’s moody, and spooky, and even though the subject matter doesn’t deal with monsters, RawDog really fits the mood as I look out my window into the late-October rainy gloom.

The music is riff-heavy and melodically intense, with a good use of soft-heavy dynamics. It’s crunchy, rough, and distinct. RawDog sings in both French and English, which gives them an interesting feel that differentiates them from other garage and grunge acts.

Never be a star

The video for “Never be a star” showcases RawDog’s creativity, quirkiness, and delicious rock riffs and melodies. It also shares a sentiment that I think we can all get behind. Listen for a good taste of the kind of minimalist garage/grunge you can expect from RawDog’s sound. This song is from the band’s Blurred album, and it’s worth checking out the video for the titular song off that album as well, if you’re feeling in a witchy mood, because it’s an even spookier sound (with piano and guitar played with a violin bow) and a spookier video to boot.

Great band, fantastic sound.