For only 1000 yen, you can be the proud owner of PROCYON’s latest album, Ruby, a psychedelic, catchy, and popping new release. This is my first review of a Japanese band, and I’ve been looking around for one for a while. I’m even a fan of the band’s cover art, in particular Ruby, composed of what is basically just a three-colour palette: yellow, red, and black. It’s a red landscape, with a yellow sun, and a bunch of black posts leaving shadows across the ground. Nice, clean, and simple.

The cover art of Ruby.

PROCYON is a four-piece indie rock and psychedelic band that can both rock and calm. Music-wise you can expect some soothing harmonies, head-bobbing drumbeats, and crunchy guitar that ranges from straightforward (but memorable) indie rock to trip-inducing psychedelic mantras. At times the harmonies even have a bit of a fifties/sixties doo-wop feel to them, which is a pretty cool choice. You can hear this on the last track of Ruby, in particular. I’m not sure how much 1000 yen is, but I bet you it’s a steal for what PROCYON offers up on Ruby.



If you want to skip right to the trippy stuff, though, check out the video for “A-ho.” Besides having an insanely catchy main melody, you get to watch trippy, distorted clips of everyone’s favourite thing: Japanese game shows. If you thought those game shows didn’t make much sense sober, prepare to watch them through the lens of neo-psychedelia. Japanese game shows and psychedelic music make very good bedfellows, and with PROCYON’s soothing and catchy tune playing alongside, you might just reach a higher state of consciousness while watching a guy with a giant piece of sushi (I think?) strapped to his head, while breaking out his sick dance moves. It’s an excellent time.