As a singer-songwriter, Liam B. Smith plays with the boundaries of Indie and Pop.  Smith’s Facebook profile suggest that his influence comes from a Grunge/Rock n’ Roll background.  Smith has cleverly, attracted his own style of wordplay. Thus, making him an even more talented songwriter, formatting a dense, rich instrumental background with a vocalized Indie Pop melody.

At the tender age of 21, Smith holds a steady stance when it comes to creating music. This is someone who music has become a focal point in their life, and by furthering his craft, Smith is rippling through on a different beat. 

Smith offers an interesting look towards combining genres of music, you wouldn’t necessarily think blends together. However, taking that leap this early in Smith’s career will help define this as his ability as a risktaker.  Evolving and ever-changing, Smith has a running start on this adventure.
Smith’s track “Keep Your Head Up” is the kind of music video, everyone needs to watch. The message is given crystal clear from the beginning. How some people even those that we are closest to, come not fathom way we have ventured towards a different path other than their intended notion. Nevertheless, Smith opens up the dialogue in question and fuels the power to confront it.