Out of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England the band Is Bliss has found a sacred shoegaze / heavy fuzz element most bands are missing. Band members Jimmy Stuart, Sam Speakman and Dean Edwards have this secular psychedelic vibe that transcends our modern day preconceived vision of what psychedelic means. Whether it’s because of the slightly modern twist of hand when it comes to production, Is Bliss fell between the gap of an experimental era and 90’s hypnotic shoegaze to rectify a whole different sound. By different sound, it’s about taking into consideration how sound simply evolves over time and sounds like a better copy version of the original (which at most times does not succeed). Yet, Is Bliss distinguish melodic structures into an ethereal motion of vibrating sonic sound.


With their track ‘Truth’ starting out with this introduction of a wailing guitar. Which instantly poked at the notion of a possible Rowland S. Howard influence, with that slight of metal on metal guitar vibration that seemed to rattle an entire room. You can feel (by simply listening) with the track ‘Truth’ how high the bass must be turned up, and how the audience must feel that pounding in their chest from the effects. Has Bliss turned out a track that captures an atmosphere by amplifying a three-piece band to sound like a wall of sonic waves? How could they not! After having one listen through, it would take several more listening sessions before I could walk away.

On the bands Facebook page under genre they state “vibe” as the title. This may be one of the honest answers I’ve seen in some time. After listening to Is Bliss, you’ll understand where that genre title is coming from as a whole. Without a doubt Is Bliss should be one the list of bands to see live. To listen live and eventually attending every show possible. Because who would want to miss out on this newest evolution of vibe?

Is Bliss performing Truth at The Wedgewood Rooms

Is Bliss performing Truth at The Wedgewood Rooms!!

Posted by Is Bliss on Sunday, July 3, 2016