There’s a lot to delve into with Fish Head Phil. There are trumpet players, clarinet players, saxophone players: everyone in the band has at least two roles. If you’re looking for an original sound, Fish Head Phil seems like a good place to look. Take, for example, the genre they’ve chosen to describe themselves: experimental swamp jazz metal. Not only does it have a good ring to it, but experimental swamp jazz metal actually does a fairly good job of describing Fish Head Phil’s sound. If you can imagine what the genre sounds like, it probably sounds like Fish Head Phil.

Looking like a band of wandering minstrels, Fish Head Phil grabs your attention right away. I’m sure whether you like it or not, you’ll still be interested in watching and listening.

Basement Swamp Jazz

In the video for “The Bitch: Phase II,” you’ll get a good taste of what it’s like to spend an evening in a basement with Fish Head Phil. It’s a wild ride, and you feel vaguely like you’ve wandered into some super-secret speakeasy where the only audience member is you, but Fish Head Phil pulls out all the stops anyway. There’s a killer riff in this song; it’s damn vicious, in fact. And when you get the head-banging beat of the other instruments in there, that’s when the metal aspect of Fish Head Phil’s sound comes in.

After watching this lo-fi but super-fun video, (complete with upside-down mouth faces, masks, plaid, ponchos, and shaky camera) you won’t really know how you got to this part of the internet, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be glad that you did.