Cortes is a rock trio from London, and they sound pretty darn great. They’ve got a lyrical flow that feels unique, (in “Close to Nowhere” the verses feel like a cross between rapping and singing) and a sound that is both big and tight.

Much like J.R. Reyne from a few weeks ago, lead singer Andy Cortes has a voice that can feel Chris Cornell-inspired at times, and has a strong presence, complete with that discernible British accent, more audible during the rap-like runs. They’ve got cool lyrics, a big guitar sound with a few bluesy licks thrown in, light and then heavy drums, and driving rhythms that join to create a sound that’s very cool and excellent, quality rock and roll. Their sound feels based in bands like Audioslave and The Raconteurs and maybe rap-rock acts. The two sounds mesh excellently, and it’s well worth checking out the musical results.

Close to Nowhere

The video for Cortes’ “Close to Nowhere” is a bare-bones idea: one long shot of the band playing, in black and white. It’s a more highly produced version of the kind of indie one-camera style that’s easy to shoot, but not always so easy to pull off. The video makes it easy to focus on the music, and the one-camera style doesn’t get dull because the camera pans quickly between band members in time with the music and, in fact, the jumpiness helps focus the viewer’s eye on Andy’s singing, and the instrumental work going on, which allows us to be a fly on the wall in a Cortes recording session, and that’s a lot of fun to watch.