Here’s the first animated video I’ve posted to Musigator. It’s a real fresh video, straight out of the box, for an album release that happened … yesterday. So this one is a tasty music pie right out of the oven. Watch out, because it might burn your ears; it’s that fresh.


With a clangy, driving sound that tempts me to compare this band to another rock Canadiana sound, Sam Roberts, Colby and The Catastrophes hits all the notes for a great indie rock band.


Lied to Me

I always like it when the song that first draws me to a band also happens to be the video I post about. “Lied To Me” is a rock song that feels both old and contemporary at the same time. This song is definitely relatable to young people (like me). The first line of the song is “I’m full of anxiety.” And then there’s a line, “they say you better buy, better buy, you better better buy. But they lie…” I definitely feel that. Then there’s the video itself, which is an exercise in great punk-minimalist animation. It fits the song perfectly (grey angel penis is a fun highlight too).

Hey, there’s a band name: Grey Angel Penis. Well, maybe.

In parts the video has, like, an indie, Flash rendition of the trippy parts of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and you have these big sweeping piano bits driving this bitter but hopeful song. It feels indie, and punk, and fun, and I’d recommend watching the video and checking out the band. It’s always nice to get a little reassurance that people are having the same experience as you, and that they’re having the foresight to put it down in a song.