Bang Bang Romeo cite influences from Radiohead, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Arcade Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, and the Smashing Pumpkins… it was hard to not want to listen to Bang Bang Romeo. Matter of fact, some depicted this band as a modern twist on blues.

For a three-piece band, Bang Bang Romeo have been revered for their sound. More so, over Anastasia Walker’s vocal presence, Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland’s ability to create an arena fueled, super-sonic space. As time will tell, Bang Bang Romeo have taken the precise measurements when it comes to becoming singer-songwriter craftsmen.

Ever since 2010 rolled around, Bang Bang Romeo has been writing and playing around Doncaster. With Walker’s vocals challenging the rest with an undeniable force. One would say, it’s hard to no compare her to other powerhouse singers. Yet, Bang Bang Romeo is a three-piece demonstrating a stronghold, when it comes to a uniformed, tight-knit band.

As the band travels more extensively and getting ready to hit the festival circuit, fans may start traveling a long distance just to catch show after show. This three-piece makes the kind of music where emotion pours out. There’s no hiding from the passion built into each verse, instead, you end up captured in the chorus. Experiences exist and it sounds like Bang Bang Romeo is offering the soundtrack to each and every one of those experiences.

Look out because this band is about to become a household name, if not tomorrow, incredibly soon. As far as Bang Bang Romeo has come, they are going to surpass many.

As of now, Bang Bang Romeo has signed to a record label in New York City. Not only will this offer another side of the world a preview of what this band has to offer, but so much more. What will come next?