I’m gonna take a moment or three to write about the band AL1CE. One of the main things I noticed was the group’s persona. While playing live, and in most of their music videos, the members of AL1CE all have a paint line going across their eyes. With the exception of the lead singer who uses red, all the other band members use black paint – maybe to have her stand out. Similar to painted versions of cops and robbers’ masks that you’d buy your kid for Halloween. You know, something the Hamburglar would wear. Anyway, I think it’s cool when a band goes that extra step to stand out and be unique.

Now the band’s music I really enjoy. The lead singer does appear to be the focal point of their sound and predominantly the focus of their videos; however, I find every band member contributes equally to the music. Their songs have chilling bass lines and atmospheric keyboarding. In their song “Moonbeams,” the guitarist rips into a haunting solo, that’s fully suited for the song, but doesn’t try to steal the show.


AL1CE’s song “Frequency” is the band’s newest song release, a moondrop, as the band calls it (which is a fun, quirky way of referring to their new material – and I like it). In fact, they’ve released a moondrop every month since July of last year. “Frequency” just sneaks into my number one fav song of theirs. The instrumental groove is total satisfaction, and the chorus has one of the earwormiest vocal melodies I’ve come across in a while.

I crave creativity, and AL1CE has that in spades. From their innovative outfits, unique make up, and monthly moondrops to their fresh sound, this band delivers it.

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